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Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico
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Where I've Been

Hi! I’m Meghan, a California native, born in San Diego and living in Los Angeles. I am 36 years old and slowly beginning to travel the world. I work full-time as a hair colorist and believe there’s no reason why one can’t have a home base and have just as fulfilling travel experiences as someone living a fully nomadic lifestyle. Although, trust me, if given the opportunity I would be gone in a second.

Travel Worth Telling is a place to share travel stories and adventures, as well as a place to come for tips, itineraries and suggestions. I believe travel can be both frequent and affordable if done right and I hope this blog can be used as a resource to those new to travel, those that caught the travel bug later on in life, like myself, or anyone just wanting to learn more about the world and what it has to offer.

Where to Next?

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Lion on Serengeti Tanzania
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Hotel in Havana, Cuba
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Diamond Beach in Iceland
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Boats on beach in Akumal, Mexico
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Sea turtle swimming off coast of Oahu, Hawaii
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